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Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions

All (except email hosting) Isle of Wight Web Hosting packages come with the option of FrontPage Extensions.

These allow publishing of a web site by simply clicking on an icon or the Publish Web (or Publish Site on later versions) command on your FrontPage program. There is no need to use an FTP program and you can have FrontPage update just the pages that have changed.

Microsoft FrontPage extensions allow you to publish web sites at the click of a mouse

FrontPage extensions allow the creation of web to email forms without using CGI scripts. Just press the right buttons and publish.

Should you wish to use FTP to publish your web site instead then that is not a problem. Most other sites hosted by the Isle of Wight Web Hosting Company do not use FrontPage extensions. However, it is not recommended to use both methods on the same web. 

The servers use the 2000 version of FrontPage Extensions but they will work with other versions of the FrontPage editing software.

You do not need to publish a site using FrontPage Extensions simply because you made the site with FrontPage. However some of the functionality such as the built in web forms require publishing in this manner.

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