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Setting up Cute FTP

Cute FTP is one of the leading FTP clients and is recommended by the Isle of Wight Web Hosting Company are happy to recommend it as the best means to publish a web site.

Most other FTP applications operate in a similar manner.

To add a new account click File > New > FTP site.

The label can be anything, it is for your benefit.
Host address is something like and will have been supplied to you.
Add the user name and password exactly as they have been given to you.
Login method is Normal.

Click the Actions tab.
Leave the remote folder box empty.
Next to the second box is a browse button, use this to identify the part of your own computer where you keep your web site.

Click OK, click Connect

You can then drag files from the left screen to the right.  Initially there will be one file called ".error" and a folder called "cgi-bin" on the right hand side.  This is not an error.

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