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Some hints for making and publishing web sites

Make all file names lower case with no punctuation marks or spaces. Underscores are acceptable however. 

filename.jpg or file_name.jpg are both OK.

Capital letters can cause difficulties due to Windows PCs not being case sensitive and Unix servers being case sensitive. What works on your machine doesn't necessarily work on the internet.

Spaces and punctuation can be read differently - or not at all - by different browsers.

The initial page of a web site should be called index.html or index.htm (or index.php or index.shtml). INDEX.html will not be recognised as a default page.

When you publish your site make sure all files that need to be seen on the internet are copied to the server. If you have all your picture files in a folder called images, make sure you make a folder on the server called images and publish the picture files to there.

PHP pages will automatically work for pages ending in .php. Server Side Includes will automatically work for pages ending in .shtml or .shtm. The servers are not compatible with ASP.

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