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How do I set up emails on Mozilla Thunderbird?

The instructions below refer to Thunderbird 2.  If you open Thunderbird for the first time it may open with a wizard, in which case just add the settings you have been given.  Otherwise:

Open thunderbird and click Tools, Accounts Settings. Click Add Account at the bottom left of the new window.

Choose Email account and click Next.

Write your name, or your company's name in English.  The email address must be exactly as supplied.  Click Next.

Choose POP and put the incoming mail server (also known as POP3) into the box marked Incoming Server.  This will be in the format and will be supplied to you.

Put in the user name you have been supplied and click Next

Give the account a name, this is for your benefit and is not important. Click Next.

Click Finish.

You may need to add an outgoing mail server.  If so click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) and then Add.

We recommend that you use an SMTP host from your ISP; see this page for a list.  If you use a BT SMTP host you need to authenticate it with the BT user name and password.

Tick No under Use secure connection.

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